HCG Drops Weight Loss Program – To do or not to do

HCG drops weight loss diet is still one of the most sought-after diet programs today. Although there are detractors of HCG, no one can deny the popularity of diet program, simply, because it works.

HCG DropsHCG is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, and it is a hormone that the home pregnancy test detects in the urine of a pregnant woman. Many HCG detractors claim that the HCG in the market today came from the urine or placenta of a pregnant woman. This claim is entirely false.

The HCG that helps many individuals shed off unwanted pounds is processed in a laboratory. Moreover, the HCG that directly came from the urine or the placenta is not safe for consumption. The HCG needs to be processed first to make it good for consumption.

The HCG diet program aims to make you lose 30 pounds within a month. Because of this, lots of adults in America turned to HCG diet program to find a fitting solution to their obesity problem.

There are different forms of HCG, and the most popular is HCG drops. It is wise to consult your physician first before trying the diet program.

Theory Behind HCG

HCG weight loss aid is suspected to have an ability to trigger the body to use the stored fat for fuel. It can also suppress the cravings and hunger, and help you maintain the 500-calorie a day limit.

The food should be mostly organic and unprocessed. There are HCG detractors who claim that anyone would be able to lose weight if a person only eats a maximum of 500 calories a day. While there is truth in their claim, they forgot to mention that it would be hard to maintain the 500 calories a day diet without an effective weight loss supplement.

The HCG can help suppress the hunger or cravings, until the brain and body get used to the idea that you only need 500 calories a day to survive and do the things that you normally do. You only need to stick to the program for 45 days, and you will witness how you lose pound after pound. You will notice that your metabolism begins to give pick up the ideal metabolic rate of your body.

What Nutrition Experts say About HCG

HCG Diet KitNutrition experts believe that the weight loss success of most HCG drops dieters is not due to HCG, but to the starvation-like diet that comes with the HCG weight loss program. They say that anyone who only eats 500 calories per day will surely lose weight in a matter of time. HCG or not, that person will shed off unwanted pounds.

Most nutritional experts believe that a potential health risk could arise from the 500-calorie diet. They say that each individual has a particular amount of calories to burn. It should not be a one-diet-program-fits-all. If a certain individual failed to consume the needed calories, then that person’s overall well being might get compromised.

Nutrition experts also state that it is virtually impossible to sustain the body with the required amount of fats, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates if the person will only eat 500 calories per day. The body might suffer from vitamins and minerals deficiency, and might not function well.

When the consumed calories are almost out, the body will begin to burn the muscle mass, aside from fat. The body needs fuel to get the needed amount of energy it needs. An individual will eventually lose the muscle mass that he gained.

In Defense

HCG users, who followed the protocol to the dot, claim that the product brought them great results. They even presented their before and after photos to support their claim. There are testimonies that say they are grateful that HCG was introduced in the market. The diet helped them get back on track and enjoy every minute of their new found fitness. They would never dare go back to being overweight again.

Some experienced minor side effects that eventually go away. They said that they tried a number of weight loss products and program, but none gave them the result they need. Only HCG diet program gave them the body and fitness they want to gain.

Many individuals benefitted from HCG drops, although there are also claims that they did not see the results within the period they expected. Now, it is up to you to take the program or not.